little axe - black diamond train

Little Axe performing Black Diamond Train live, with Alan Glen (harmonica, guitar), Scotty Firth (vocals, bass), Saz Bell (vocals) and Kevin Gibbs (vocals).

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little axe @ celtic connections 2007

Little Axe live at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland on January 31, 2007. Poor sound quality, but nice to watch.

little axe live at wimbash 2005

Little Axe, Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish, Keith LeBlanc, guest Pierre (sax) playing the Second Annual Wimbash at Sully's Pub in Hartford, Connecticut, August 2005. This is 'Hard Times'.

fall 2006: stone cold ohio tour

'stone cold ohio' promo shots

may 2006: live at the spitz, london, uk

september 2005: live at huntenpop, varsselder, nl

may 2005: stadtgarten, cologne, de

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skip mcdonald's tackhead days

skip mcdonald & woodentops

Woodentops featuring Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald live at London's Empire Ballroom in 1991. The track is called You Could be Happy.

skip mcdonald jamming with bernie worrell

Skip McDonald in an impromptu jam session with Doug Wimbish, Bernie Worrell, John McCarthy, Steve Scales, and Keith LeBlanc.