January 9, 2014


Out NOW: 'For the Love of Money', the new Tackhead album, on limited edition cd-media book (999 copies), limited edition lp (500 copies) or as a download (with bonus tracks). Get one of the special serial numbers and win a free T-shirt, plus postcards and stickers!
'For the Love of Money'

Adrian Sherwood, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Keith Leblanc, Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones), Skip McDonald (Little Axe) are back on the surface. The album tracks are mixed by Adrian Sherwood, Gary Clail, Danny Saber, Dubvisionist, Umberto Echo, AS-Paralyzer and Wohlklang.
For the Love of Money contains cover versions of tracks by James Brown, David Bowie, Bob Marley, The Meters, Slim Harpo, The O'Jays amongst others.
The album is released by Dude Records, a subdivision of Echo Beach Lifefidelity.
The first and original release of the 999 copies Media Book and 500 copies Lonplayvinyl version is sold out at the distributor. The shipped all goods to their foreign distributors around the globe. If you want to participate on this (keep your eyes open in the shops...!!!) and you are may lucky enough to be the owner of an album copy with on a special serial number? Send us a picture of your product and unique special serial number (111, 222, 333, 444, 555 etc. - for cd and lp) and we’ll send you a free TACK>>HEAD T-Shirt (in black...) plus postcards and stickers.

  • Pre-orders in the USA for the cd and the lp.
  • Pre-orders for Europe for the cd and the lp.
  • Pre-order in the UK for the cd and the lp.
  • Or download the album and the digital bonus tracks on iTunes or via Juno Download.